Saturday, August 14, 2010

I absolutely love jewellery, better than bags, better than shoes, and better than makeup, it's my favourite style accessory. I thought it would be interesting to take a peek into people's jewellery boxes, and to find out what their favourite pieces are, and why they love them.


"The rib cage necklace is from Urban Outfitters, and I love it because it's simple and interesting and I can wear it with a ton of options. The bracelet with the dangling spikes is actually from WalMart and I love it because it has the whole "rocker" vibe to it and is one of my favourite recent finds. The bracelet with the portrait of a girl is an antique and was my great grandmothers. I love it because of it's history and because of the extensive detailing on the gold band and in the portrait itself."
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"The first photo is my ring collection. Although I like bracelets and necklaces, too, I'm just more into rings. The next photo is an owl ring. I have two owl rings, I prefer the other one, but this one has deeper meanings than the other one. It was the first ring I ever bought, I am kind of proud of it, and my crush wanted to have the same ring so I bought her the same ring, so it's really important to me. The next photo is a frog ring. It has those fishy eyes that move in different directions if you shake it, it alway amuses me, it makes me happy. My father bought it at a flea market for me, he also thinks it's a funny cute ring, and it means really much to me when my father says things like this. The next photo is one of my favourite rings. I bought it at a flea market ( it was really cheap!) and I kind of love how it looks like. And it's one of my most comfortable rings."


"My Jui necklace is my favourite necklace. I wear it pretty much every day, and I've had it about a year now. I never find anything with my name on at all, and so I got really excited when I found out I could get a personalised necklace. My dad hates it, he thinks it looks cheap. I suppose it does, but it's a good look charm more than anything. My ex-boyfriend bought me this heart locket from Penny Masquerade on for my sixteenth birthday. It's really delicate and beautiful, and I wear it if I'm going out somewhere. I'm still mates with my ex and it just reminds me of him. I like the detail of the rose bud charm best of all, it's like a real flower. I know the woman who runs Penny Masquerade and she is one of the loveliest people I've ever met. This is my "wedding ring" (Primark). It was a pound, and my best friend Beth had one that was the same, but she lost it. Regardless, it's sort of symbolic of our friendship and everything we've been through. It's a chunk of glass in a plastic casing, and the tackiest thing I own, but it may as well be a real diamond as far as I'm concerned, and its sentimental value is priceless."


"The first is the box of stuff I wear most frequently, and the second is my 4 favorite pieces, because I couldn't decide on just three. They are all things my grandmother left me, except for the pocketwatch, which was purchased just this week. I don't know much about them, like their age or where she got them, but I do know the the bracelet with the decorative pharaoh heads is pretty darn old. I'm not sure what the ring is supposed to be either, but it reminds me of the beast from the movie La Belle et la Bete in 1946. "
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"My first favourite is a thorn floating in a clear resin cross. I picked it up from a little Mexican furniture importer in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was actually a keyring but to me, it deserved so much more and now I wear it almost everyday, switching it from necklace to necklace. My second loved piece is this smokey quartz done by A.D. I picked that one up from Alice Euphamia in Melbourne. Crystals are something I'm very sentimental and nostalgic about. As a kid I grew up a bit of a hippie and loved to collect crystals, they were my little my treasures. I had a cabinet full of amethyst, jade, quartz... basically anything I could get my grubby mitts on. We had a forest reserve behind my property, which had these stones, when broken open bared a sparkling crystal like formation. Oh the satisfaction it gave me , smashing those rocks to pieces. I still have my crystals, it reminds me of who I am and where I came from. The last piece I just picked up over the weekend from the Artists Market in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I like its natural aesthetic and how each beaded pendant says something different. The black pendant also doubles as a ring. I can see myself mixing and matching this one many times."
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"The ring is one of my favorites because I love over sized rings, and my Aunt gave it to me this summer. The bracelet is very simple, it used to have multicolors on it and over time they fell off, but it is my bestfriend’s and my friendship bracelets. She and I have been friends since 4th grade:] I love that girl ‘til death<3. I love this necklace because of the stone used to make it which is Alaskan Black Diamond, and I love the color black and they used Moonstone also, and in the sunlight it shines though a blue and orange color, I just think it’s so beautiful."
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Source: First collage: We Heart It


  1. wow these jewels are gorgeous and the rings are absolutely fab



  2. I also LOVE jewelry, probably just as much as I love shoes ... PLEASE for the love of god tell me where the snake ring came from in the first photo?

  3. Wow I love this post. So amazing. Love all the jewelry.
    ♥ Sheray.

  4. does anyone know what brand is that crazy snake ring in the first photo???? pretty please!?

  5. this is such a cool post i love the idea - no one can have enough jewelry ;)

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  6. interesting post sweety :) I love jewels more than shoes but I love bags too ahah

  7. these pictures are full of inspiration! I especially like all the rings :)