Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It seems that Spring has arrived early this year, and I am not complaining. After a long, cold Winter I can't wait for Summer, and sun, and braai's and the beautiful outdoor living that we have up here on the highveld. I'm also looking forward to shedding jerseys and jackets and Winter layers, and the chance to wear light, breezy Summer clothes again.

Sometimes, it can be frustrating living in the Southern hemisphere when most fashion blogs are based in the north. While I'm looking for Winter inspiration, everyone else just about is wearing tantalising Summer styles that I can't wait to get my hands on, and vice versa. On the other hand, being a season behind makes it easier to spot the trends I like the most, and plan my upcoming wardrobe accordingly.

Here are just a few Summer trends I've been eyeing out, and that I can't wait to start wearing.

Sources: Cullier; Fashion Squad; Tumblr; We Heart It; tFS


  1. So happy I found another great SA blog!I am following you now:)


  2. oh, wow, great collages, loved the denim with the studded detail, so rock 'n roll



  3. I love these collages!

    juliet xxx

  4. in love w/all these picks! awesome blog. come follow me xoxo

  5. OK, everytime i visit your blog i get inspiration flow.
    I love the army green jacket-i have been searching for something like that for..well too long!
    and the denim shorts with stockings, just amazing. and yes, boho's been one of my very favorite styles since Sienna Miller started the boho boom.
    lots of love for this post.