Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Source: tFS


  1. OK, not many women can look that GORGEUS in such short hair -she can (And Natalie Portman, obviously)! such a beautiful picture!
    thank you for the compliment,darling, i'll put some more pictures up eventually.

    ps. the jewellery entry made me drool. so gorgeus jewellery, i want the same h&m owl ring that i think you had on your pics as a necklace but they dont sell it as a ring in my country :( buu. take care xx

  2. aggy's the best! thank you for posting this.

  3. is it a fake piercing?
    she is pretty with shaved hairand bridje ^^

  4. It's funny because I wanted to post the same picture of Aggy :-) I like so much her "new ?" piercing , anyway she's still beautiful !